RoundMe for iPhone lets you view 360-degree photos in VR mode with Google Cardboard

RoundMe VR header

RoundMe, an iOS app for sharing 360-degree panoramic photos, has got an interesting update.

The latest version lets you view spaces in virtual reality mode for a more immersive experience, using just your iPhone and Google Cardboard.

To use it, just open up any space on the free app — choosing from locations shot by professional and amateur enthusiasts around the world — tap the VR button, place your iPhone in a Google Cardboard headset and BAM! Instant Oculus Rift-like virtual reality experience.

RoundMe VR image

Unlike traditional panoramas that have you panning through images with your fingers to get a better look, RoundMe has you tilt your phone in different directions to see more of each stitched picture. In VR mode, you can turn your head in any direction to visually explore spaces.

It’s a pretty nifty feature. You can use RoundMe to do things like get a 360-degree view of Brussels, explore a nautical antiques museum in Stockholm and spot giraffes in a Latvian zoo.

RoundMe [iOS]

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