Amazon introduces an app marketplace for its cloud-based virtual desktops

Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon has launched a new marketplace for apps that can be deployed on its cloud-based virtual desktops.

AWS Marketplace for Desktop Apps offers more than 100 tools for accounting, business intelligence, collaboration, productivity, customer relationship management, design, web development, and security.


Popular apps like Microsoft Office, IMSI/Design TurboCAD, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse IDE and CorelDRAW X7 are available through monthly subscriptions.

These apps can be used on Amazon WorkSpaces, the company’s managed virtual desktop infrastructure service. Launched last year, WorkSpaces lets companies create virtual desktops for its employees and control their network access and software permissions from one place.

In tandem with a new WorkSpaces Application Manager (WAM) tool, Amazon’s marketplace should make it easier for companies to manage their data, software licenses and systems in the cloud.



WAM is available in two tiers: Basic offers a limited set of administrative controls at no extra charge to WorkSpaces users, while Standard adds granular control over provisioning and policies for users and groups for an extra $5 per user per month.

The new service will allow companies to simply provide all their employees with dumb terminals, fire up a full-fledged OS — as well as all the apps they need for work — and manage those systems remotely.

WAM is available today for WorkSpaces users in the US East (Northern Virginia) and US West (Oregon) regions.

Amazon Web Services Announces the AWS Marketplace for Desktop Apps and Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager [Amazon Press Releases]

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