Back to Bed is a beautifully dark iOS puzzler – and you can get it for free right now

Back to Bed is a beautifully dark iOS puzzler – and you can get it for free right now

Back to Bed isn’t just a game that seems appropriate for the bank holiday. It’s an aesthetically pleasing title that will keep you up late into the night solving intricate puzzles.

Did you fall in love with Monument Valley and its artwork inspired by Salvador Dali? If so, then Back to Bed’s Escherian environments will certainly win you over.

It launched last August at $3.99, but is currently available for free on iOS as Apple’s App of the Week.

The aim of the game is to get Bob the sleepwalker back to bed safely. You take on the role of Bob, but in two forms. As he gets himself into distressing situations in the artistic dream worlds that are conjured up in his sleep, you play the role of his subconscious, Subob.


Subob uses all available objects to create a safe path for Bob to follow by nudging him in the right direction. While sleepwalking, Bob will turn clockwise every time he bumps into something — so it’s a challenge to make sure that he doesn’t walk off the edge and wake up abruptly.

The task is made more difficult by the isometric environment of the game which makes deciding where to place your objects even harder.


As you progress through the game you also encounter optical illusions and tricks that change your perspective on the tasks and offer a refreshing look at each stage.

Once you’ve completed all the levels on Normal difficulty, it unlocks Nightmare mode – a darker, more difficult version of the previous levels.

The game’s soundtrack creates a calming atmosphere that complements the art style.

Back to Bed is an easy one to get drawn into, as it starts off quite simple. However, it will surprise you with some unexpected twists and turns, both literally and figuratively as you get on in the game.

➤ Back to Bed [iOS | Android]

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