Google’s Cloud Console for Android lets you manage your App Engine projects on the go

Cloud Console

Google has launched Cloud Console for Android, a new app for Android that lets developers manage their projects hosted on the company’s Cloud Platform from their mobile devices.

Currently in beta, Cloud Console lets you look up the status of your apps, set up and receive incident alerts, manage your Cloud Platform resources and get performance stats from Google’s Cloud Monitoring service.

Cloud Console screens

You can customize the dashboard view to include all the information you need at a glance, including monitoring graphs and billing estimates.

The app also lets you track incidents via Cloud Monitoring, and add comments to issues so your team knows how the situation is being handled.

In addition, you can view details and graphs for App Engine and Compute Engine instances and invoke operations like starting or stopping an instance, right from the app.

Cloud Console 2

Google says it will continue to add features to Cloud Console over coming months, and launch an iOS version later this year.

Cloud Console [Android via Google Cloud Platform Blog]

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