Hang w/ updates Facebook live streaming and adds in-line video player

Hang w/ updates Facebook live streaming and adds in-line video player

Live streaming app Hang w/ has improved its integration with Facebook by adding new features and an in-line video player.

This isn’t surprising with the hype around streaming apps like Meerkat in recent times.

The new updates mean that you can stream videos live to viewers while they are being filmed and they will be available immediately for playback on Facebook when the stream has stopped. It’s not necessary for people to have the Hang w/ app to view the videos either.

Videos can now be streamed simultaneously across five platforms as well – on the iOS and Android apps, Facebook, Twitter and an embeddable web player on the Hang w/ website.

Hashtags have been optimized by Hang w/ so that they are functional across all platforms, making sharing and discovery much easier for broadcasters and viewers alike.

The update has also added the option to receive ‘Automatic Activity Notifications’ to alert you when streams go live, or when people comment and like your videos.

Hang w/ has also said that there are improvements in development for Twitter and it is looking at becoming integrated to YouTube and other social media sites.

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