White Label is a hip hop music discovery app that should be made for every genre

White Label is a hip hop music discovery app that should be made for every genre

White Label is a music discovery app that charts the most popular hip-hop being listened to and discussed online daily.

The app works by monitoring engagement between Twitter and SoundCloud hourly, allowing you to scroll down from a song you are playing to see ongoing discussions via Twitter. You can also join the conversation directly via White Label. All of the music being streamed is in full-version direct from SoundCloud as well.


While there is an abundance of music streaming apps out there like Spotify and Deezer, this one is certainly more niche in its approach, the scope of the music it features, and the audience it appeals to. Speaking to TNW, David Lowry, co-creator of the app said:

Hip-hop fans are the single most active music audience on Twitter. Artists regularly drop new tracks and mixtapes online and then engage in conversation with their fans on Twitter.

With White Label we aim to capture this behavior in a mobile app by being the easiest way to find the hottest new tracks right along side the most important tweets about them.

Tracks and tweets are monitored hourly and automatically sorted to show you what’s hot right now.

When I opened the app, I was struck by the sleek layout and interface – not to mention the app icon itself. Each song has a full screen view with album artwork, the title, a link to the artists Twitter page, an option to share the song to your own Twitter page and of course, a play button. None of this appears to be cramped or overpowering on the screen.


The design layout certainly isn’t covering up any functional flaws either – to scroll through the songs, simply swipe left or right or down to discover what’s being said on Twitter.

At no point does the song you are listening to stop unless you pause it yourself. You can also exit the app and continue listening to your chosen music so you won’t lose the song you’re playing if you need to check an email or send a message.

The apps creators are no strangers to the music industry either – they both work for Hydric Media in Brisbane where they usually spend their time creating and building products for music companies, labels and brands.

Lowry tells us that making White Label was something they did for themselves. And it seems to have paid off. The app is a slick, targeted service that knows what it’s about.

There is no sign-up required to use White Label and the app is free to download on iOS and Android.

➤ White Label [iOS | Android]

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