Design Shots is a minimalist Dribbble client for iPhone

Design Shots

If you need a daily design inspiration fix, you can’t do much better than Dribbble, the community for pixel pushers across the globe. Design Shots for iPhone lets you browse Dribbble submissions without distractions — and its latest version adds a bunch of useful features.

The app displays popular and new designs, as well as rebounds (graphic responses to submissions) and playoffs (group rebounds) in an almost invisible interface.

Design Shots screens

With its recent update, Design Shots now offers search, 1Password integration for easier logins, a zoom view for shots and attachments, and the ability to share comments with a long press.

In addition, GIFs now load faster, and the quick share menu for shots (long press a shot) has been streamlined.

Design Shots 3

The latest update makes Design Shots a great choice for browsing through the best of Dribbble. The app isn’t yet perfect — it can’t handle attachment links well and you can’t add shots to buckets — but with a few more tweaks, it could become my favorite Dribbble client.

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