Memoji Keyboard lets you send emojis of yourself

Memoji Keyboard lets you send emojis of yourself

Emojis just got even more diverse. Memoji Keyboard is an app that lets you create emojis and gifs of yourself to send to your friends and family.

The iOS app is available now and is a fun way to add a bit more character to your messages. When you download it, you can create five emojis of yourself for free, but after that you will have to pay €1.99 ($2.11) to unlock the full selection of templates. That being said, you could easily stick with the free version because it lets you change the images for the five you selected as many times as you like.


You will need to add the app to your keyboards in settings to make the new ones available in your messages. After that, they just appear on the keyboard beside the standard emojis.


Despite the pictures looking clear and sharp when I created them in the app, the memojis that actually appear in messages look a bit blurry. Puppy Ventures, the app’s creators, have already released a bug fix to prevent crashing and improve camera quality, so this is surely something they will continue to work on.

Emojis have been growing in popularity and diversifying rapidly recently with a growing number of emoji-esque apps arriving and Apple even added 300 new ones with its latest update.

All in all, Memoji Keyboard is a fun novelty app, that is definitely worth checking out – even if it’s only to annoy some friends.

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