Meerkat makes it easier to follow users via the Web

Meerkat makes it easier to follow users via the Web

Meerkat has launched a new feature that lets you easily follow other users via the Web. It’s a simple way to connect with people you’re not following on Twitter already.

You can create the link to invite other people to follow you by using the domain and adding your Twitter handle. This can be shared on any of your social media pages where users can click on the image to follow you. These users will then receive notifications of your live streams through the app on their phones.

The new feature will certainly make it easier for users of the popular live video streaming app to grow their audiences and even easier for the app to move away from a total dependency on Twitter.


Meerkat has added a further improvement that allows users to follow you even after your  live stream is over. The announcement was made in a tweet from the streaming company and a demonstration of the new feature was given from Jimmy Fallon’s account.

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As well as being able to follow people when their streams have ended, the new feature will also allow you to receive an update through the app when this person has gone live again.

Both of today’s improvements show Meerkat is determined to help users grow their audiences.

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