Hype OS X app for HTML5 animation adds responsive layouts and physics support in Pro update

Hype 3 Pro

Tumult’s Hype app for OS X, which lets Web designers create HTML5 animations, is getting an update as well as a Professional upgrade with features like responsive layouts, reusable symbols and physics support for objects.

Version 3 arrives as a free update for Hype 2 owners and adds more timing functions and Web accessibility support, as well as a redesigned interface to fit in nicely with OS X Yosemite.

Hype 3

Hype Professional, which is available as an in-app upgrade for $49.99, makes it easier to build responsive sites and create animations more easily.

You can create multiple scene variants to handle difference browser widths, instead of relying on a single layout resizing to accommodate a range of devices. There’s also a grid system to create layouts more easily, and a range of templates with preset compositions to work off of.

Animators will be able to take advantage of the new physics system and apply it to objects for natural movements and collisions without keyframes. Visual components can now be re-used within the same scene and between scenes. In addition, a new behavior system lets you trigger responses from your graphic elements.

Hype Professional Screenshot

Hype 3 is available for $49.99, and the full version of Hype Professional sells for $99.99. You can visit Tumult’s site to get a free 14-day trial.


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