Foursquare updates Swarm with private messaging, ditches Plans feature

Swarm app

Foursquare’s location check-in app Swarm has been updated with a new private messaging feature. The latest version also does away with the Plans tab, which allowed users to publicly request their contacts to catch up with them.

The direct messaging system lets you chat with your contacts one-on-one or in a group to meet up. You can also send out a blast to reach all your contacts, similar to what you could do with Plans.


When you send a message, your location will be displayed on a map so recipients know where you’re chatting from. You’ll also get read receipts when others have seen your messages.

The app also lets you message users who aren’t on Swarm. Rounding out the update is the ability to see more details about places your friends check into. Oddly enough, private messaging is yet to arrive on Swarm’s Windows Phone app.

Swarm [iOS | Android | Windows Phone]

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