Nuzzel adds support for Twitter lists so you can follow topics

Nuzzel adds support for Twitter lists so you can follow topics

Nuzzel’s awesome news app, which makes it easy to follow the news your friends on social media are talking about, has a big update today: you can now follow Twitter lists on the service.

The premise of Nuzzel is fairly simple: it gathers the links your friends share on Twitter in a clean interface and lists the most-shared ones. There’s an iOS app, so you can get alerts when a group of friends tweet about a link on your timeline.

tumblr_inline_n6m4puisIk1rmmrgjThis app has become my absolute favorite way to discover what’s interesting online without having to keep up; I get an alert when a link is shared more than 10 times in a short period inside my timeline, which means it’s probably important.

Today’s update makes it easier to follow specific topics instead of just your entire Twitter feed. The idea is that you can tap into your or other people’s lists and follow topics that might not necessarily show up in your normal feed.

For example, if you mostly follow one particular topic but were interested in yoga or beer, you could follow a Nuzzel feed that’s powered by a Twitter list for that to get a curated timeline without the random tweets in-between. It also means that you can quickly follow high-value lists like Marc Andressen’s collection of notable people in the tech industry.

Nuzzel a great way to consume for those that don’t have the time to keep up with Twitter’s non-stop deluge of links, or are looking to expand their horizons a bit. I highly recommend the mobile app as a way to deal with Twitter overload.

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