The OneShot app takes Twitter-shared screenshorts to the next level

The OneShot app takes Twitter-shared screenshorts to the next level

A screenshort is a screengrab of an article posted to twitter to get around the service’s 140-character limit. You find an article you like (or hate) you take a screenshot of the passage or sentence you find intriguing (or infuriating) and share it to Twitter.

2015-03-02 08.48.42The OneShot app takes those snippets of an article and really lets you up your content sharing game. The free iOS app scans your photo library for any screengrabs you’ve made with your iPhone. You pick the screengrab you like and you can crop the image down to the section you want to share and highlight the text you find the most important.

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You can then select the color of the highlighted area and background. The app also auto detects the article the screen shot is from. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always get the original source correct. I posted a tweet that linked to a site that had clearly stolen all the content from one of my articles and posted it as their own.

Fortunately, you can copy a URL and the app auto detects what’s on your device’s clipboard and you can use that.

If you’re looking to become the screenshorting master, this could be the answer.

OneShot [iOS]

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