10 of the best new and updated Android apps from February 2015

10 of the best new and updated Android apps from February 2015

February has been a busy month for launching and updating apps for the Android platform. The following list shows a huge variety of genres from location based maps to productivity, imaging and even an app that cares about your psychological well-being.


Citymaps, the social mapping platform, has launched on Android, joining the free app on iOS. With Citymaps, you can create lists of your favorite places and build personal maps from them. You can create a city walk with friends, for example, pinpointing your favorite historical spots on a map. The app also can uncover new locations you might like based on past interests, community data and recommendations from friends.


The big change with the latest update, apart from launching on Android, is the introduction of collaborative maps, which allow you to build and share collections with friends.

Citymaps [iOS /Android]


Alt-C is admittedly a one-trick pony, but it has a utilitarian purpose: It lets you copy text and links back and forth between your Android phone and Windows PC. It’s also a manual process, rather than copying all links between devices.

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