Microsoft launches an Android tablet keyboard for Excel users

Keyboard for Excel

Microsoft Garage, the company’s project to surface tech experiments by its employees, has unveiled yet another Android app. This time around, it’s a keyboard optimized for use with Microsoft Excel on tablets.

The layout in Keyboard for Excel includes the 10-key numpad that is common on full-size keyboards and is essential for entering numerical data quickly. It also features a Tab button for navigating across columns, as well as prominent buttons with frequently used Excel operators.

Keyboard for Excel

The keyboard lacks a few features we now take for granted, such as auto-correction and gesture-based typing. Plus, it only works on tablets — and for some reason, the Nexus 7 isn’t supported.

This is the project’s fourth Android release. Microsoft Garage has previously released a couple of lock screen replacements for phones, as well as a Bing search app for Android Wear.

Keyboard for Excel [Android]

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