Citymaps arrives on Android and introduces a way to make maps with friends

Citymaps arrives on Android and introduces a way to make maps with friends

Citymaps, the social mapping platform, has launched on Android. We first wrote about the company way back in 2012 and its free app has been on iOS for some time.

The company’s angle is that it lets you create playlists of your favorite places and build personal maps. The big change with its latest update is the introduction of collaborative maps, which allow you to build and share collections with friends.

You can together a pub crawl with friends laying out your favorite watering holes on a map or collaborate on a walking tour of interesting historical locations near you, if you want to be a little classier.

The app also aims to surface new locations you might like based on your past interests, community data, recommendations from friends and other trusted sources.

Of course, there’s a business model at work behind all that cuddly collaboration. Citymaps publishes 100,000 targeted deals a day based on preferences expressed by users through their personal maps.

The company says its maps have over 80 million searchable points of interest across 750 location categories. While Google Maps is likely to remain your go-to choice for directions, the Citymaps’ personalization features are definitely a draw.

Citymaps [iOS | Android]

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