The ‘Netflix for libraries’ app Hoopla is getting a major makeover

The ‘Netflix for libraries’ app Hoopla is getting a major makeover

If you have  library card, having the Hoopla app and its access to your local library’s breadth of content is a bit of a no-brainer. But like all new apps, the first iteration has been a learning experience. Now it’s taking the feedback it received from users and libraries to update its app.

Hoopla will be updating its app for iOS and Android on March 4 with what it calls its “LightSpeed” interface and architecture. The app will have a brand new Home Screen that surfaces quicker access to your browser history and a new recommendation engine based on your recent activity. It also features deeper search with less tapping around and a higher resolution, brighter interface.

The Hoopla app lets you borrow digital copies of movies, TV shows, music and audiobooks directly from the app without having to worry about library late fees. The app takes care of everything; all you have to do is link it to your local library. Of course, you need a library card.

Owner and CEO Jeff Jankowski told TNW that over 90 percent of the changes it made to the app are based on user feedback. “We look at every review, every info box, every tweet, every Facebook comment. We look at them and log them.”

He also said that users should expect more features in the future that will build upon the Lightspeed architecture.

Hoopla launched in June 2013 with 50,000 users and now has over 650,000 users using the library check-out app. So it’s doing something right.

While pleasing users and making it easier for them to check out items from their local library, Jankowski admits that libraries that are its only customers. Fortunately, he’s been working within the library system for years and continues to work with libraries to make sure the app meets their needs.

Hoopla digital is live in over 540 libraries in the United States and Canada including cities like Seattle, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Toronto.


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