Bevy wants to organize and protect your family’s photo collection

Bevy wants to organize and protect your family’s photo collection

In the never ending quest to take control of our vast and proliferating photo collections, a new hardware-software combo called Bevy has now emerged.

Just launched from Lineage Labs, Bevy is a device paired with both mobile app and desktop Mac or Windows apps that families can use to gather, privately view and contribute to a shared photo/video collection.

Measuring 4.6 x 4.4 x 2.1 inches with a brushed aluminum exterior and a black glass top, Bevy ships with everything you need to get started: three USB ports, HDMI output and cable, 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet and SD/Micro card reader. It can also wirelessly connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.



The idea is that the Bevy mobile apps (iOS and Android) can gather photos and videos from the mobile devices of friends and family store them on the Bevy device at home.

The photos and videos stored on Bevy automatically sync across member devices and are accessible from anywhere at any time via the mobile app. Bevy gives you multiple backup options either in the cloud or at home. If you have a subscription, one tap within the app activates the device’s cloud backup.

But you can also plug an external drive into the back of the Bevy for in-home backup without an online connection. HDMI output lets you easily plug the Bevy into your TV and use the mobile app as a controller.

Bevy also automatically organizes photos and videos based on metadata and integrates a labeling system that makes it easy for family members to create their own collections or set up individual profiles and customized privacy settings. Note that photos are immediately supported on ship date while video support will come somewhat later, according to the FAQ.

The Bevy device is available for pre-order now for $249 until April 30. After that, the price goes up to $349. Available only in the US for now, it will ship in October. 


Article was updated on 2/24/15 to clarify the timeframe for video support.

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