Lumific photo organizer for Android emerges from beta with Dropbox and Snapfish integration

Lumific photo organizer for Android emerges from beta with Dropbox and Snapfish integration

Lumific, a mobile photo management app that has been in beta for the better part of a year, has now been released in final form on the Google Play Store.

Available only on Android for now, the free Lumific — a graduate of the 500 Startups program — is newly integrated with both Dropbox and the Snapfish photo printing service. An iOS version is expected by mid-March.

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The first thing Lumific will do upon installation is as ask whether you want to connect the app with your Dropbox account. The app uses deep learning technology to analyze the photos in your Gallery and Dropbox to organize them according to event: something defined as occurring at the same place and time.

When Lumific finds duplicates or similar photos, it places a numbered badge on the best, most sharable one. Tapping on the badge, expands to show you all of the duplicates it identified. In gathering duplicates and similars, the app also classifies them, allowing you to search according to different criteria such as content, location, or date. Plus, you can highlight and add custom labels to events.

When images are imported into the app, a limited number of edits like global enhancement and auto crop and rotate are automatically applied, and you can toggle the before and after version for each photo. And thanks to its ability to recognize similar shots, Lumific can auto generate GIFs out of similar photos, signified by a tiny icon on the thumbnail. GIFs show up in a separate folder in your gallery.

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Lumific [Android]

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