Inkboard upgrade lets you scribble all over your photos

Inkboard upgrade lets you scribble all over your photos

Did you ever have to resist the urge to doodle on a photo? Now you don’t have to … resist the urge, that is. You can just go ahead and draw cat ears and whiskers, or devil horns and tail, or hearts and flowers on any photo you like with the newly updated version of Inkboard.

The new photo features are a major update to this free app, which offers an abundance of fun drawing tools: crayons, pens, markers, highlighters, pencils, and an eraser.

Inkboard began life last fall as an iOS 8 keyboard extension that replaced traditional keys with marking pens and pencils, letting you draw your text rather than type or use emoji. It also functioned as a standalone app for drawing and saving your “inks.”


You can still do that, of course, but now you can also apply your advanced highlighting skills to photos. With Inkboard Photo, you do not have to install the keyboard on your iOS system to draw on photos, save them to your Camera Roll and share them via social media. Just shoot a picture with the app or pull one off your Camera Roll, execute your fine art doodle and share.

Lest you think this is just for kids — and it totally is great for kids — but if SnapChat and its ilk is any measure, it’s also fair game for playful adults. (Don’t ask me about the “real” version of an old office group photo.)

For the iPhone, the app works great in landscape orientation, where you can see many more of the drawing tools. Inkboard is also a universal app, so there’s a much bigger space to play around on with an iPad.

Inkboard [iOS]

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