Nokia’s HERE for Android sheds its beta tag and adds 3D venue maps

Nokia’s HERE for Android sheds its beta tag and adds 3D venue maps

Nokia’s HERE maps was just updated on Android and Windows Phone earlier this week but the former has got another refresh already. The new version of HERE for Android ditches the ‘beta’ tag and introduces a slew of improvements.

You’ll now find 3D venue maps for locations like shopping malls and airports in the app. You can rotate them to match where you came in and switch between floors.

Chief among the other changes is improved routing. In the app’s beta version, when you asked for a route, it gave you three options for car travel and you had to switch to find them for walking or public transport. Now, you’ll get the fastest routes for all three modes of travel and can swipe to see alternative routes.

The developers have also made HERE’s maps more interactive. Now, for example, if you tap a restaurant and your phone is online, you’ll get contact information, photos and reviews. Similarly, traffic information like road closures will show further details if they’re available.

As well as a lot of bug fixes including stamping out problems with using SD cards for storage and voice downloads, you can now also download country maps in the background, with progress shown in the notification drawer.

If you’re waiting on a new version of HERE for iOS, the developers promise there will be news on that front soon. And don’t get it confused with any other apps out there.

HERE for Android [Google Play]

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