Pipes 2.0 makes it even easier to keep up with the topics you’re interested in

Pipes 2.0 makes it even easier to keep up with the topics you’re interested in

Pipes, the news app that launched last year to help you follow the topics that interest you most, has today received a big update with a new design and a number of new features.

The app makes it dead simple to follow and get updates on news topics or people.

summaryPipes 2.0, which was released today, comes with a beautiful new design that makes the app much more visually appealing and easier to use.

Subscribed topics now feature lots of images along with popular tweets and quick news summaries. On top of this, Wikipedia is integrated so you can get an overview of the topic.

If you’re subscribed to a pipe, you can choose to receive alerts as soon as something interesting happens so you stay up to the minute with the latest.

Instead of showing you the full article by default, Pipes uses a Circa-esque quick summary layout so you can quickly get the important bits of the news. You can still read the original post by choosing “full story” instead, however.

Just like in the previous version, you can jump into any story with a single tap and continue on to read the next story by simply swiping left or right while reading a story.

Pipes previously featured a home screen with top stories and the topics you were subscribed to, but now it offers a new ‘Pipeline’ tab that gives you a mashup of the news from all the pipes you subscribe to. It’s a handy and visually appealing way to catch up on what you missed today.


Another new feature called “what’s hot” helps with pipe discovery, showing popular topics and trending news so you can quickly subscribe to new pipes.

There’s no shortage of great news apps, with options like Circa and Flipboard still proving to be incredibly popular, but Pipes 2.0 offers a unique take by making it easy to subscribe to multiple topics, people or stories and mash them all together in a beautiful layout.

Pipes 2.0 is available from the App Store today.

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