Atari is building a brand new Asteroids game for PC

Atari is building a brand new Asteroids game for PC

Everyone’s favorite 1979 space shooter is getting a facelift! Atari announced today that it’s revived the classic, to be released as a new game for PC called Asteroids: Outpost.

Atari says the game will be an open world, sandbox style survival experience where players can mine for resources as well as build and defend their base. The game will be set on an “unforgiving asteroid” where players can build “highly customized bases” and battle for their survival.


Asteroids: Outpost is a multiplayer game, so players will need to defend their bases against other real players and recurring showers of small asteroids which are also mineable. Atari says the game will be a homage to the original game by including features like “asteroid blasting capabilities.”

At time of writing Atari had no in-game screenshots or specific release timeframes to share with us, but says that its website will be updated with more information as the year goes on.

➤ Asteroids Outpost

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