Local discovery app Yeti gets big update to add search, place chat and more

Local discovery app Yeti gets big update to add search, place chat and more

Yeti, a mobile app that’s like Tinder for finding cool places near you, has received a big update today to help users connect with places around them easier than ever.


The new update, labeled Yeti 2.0, lets you search by filter with a single tap inside Yeti. It now has a number of preconfigured categories you can choose to show nearby cafes or shops.

The team also has made check-ins much easier for users. When you open Yeti at a new location, it shows you places relevant to you and learns from your check-in activity over time to show you the most relevant places automatically.

5socialYeti’s also adding discussions for local listings; when you swipe right on a location you like, Yeti can connect you with those that did the same in a group chat, so you can get advice from locals and others that have visited.

With this latest update, Yeti is trying to take on the likes of Google and Yelp at helping you discover the best places to go wherever you are and connecting you with others who can give advice.

While Yelp focuses on reviews, Yeti has neatly adapted the Tinder-style swipe interface to aid discovery and remove friction for users.

The company says that it’s had over two million swipes since launching last year with 85 percent of them coming from those under the age of 35.

Yeti is available for iOS, for free.

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