Pushbullet now lets you move files and mirror notifications between iPad, Mac and Safari too

Pushbullet now lets you move files and mirror notifications between iPad, Mac and Safari too

Regular readers will know that I’m a fan of Pushbullet’s Android, desktop and Chrome apps that allow you to push files, mirror notifications, control your phone and more between your different devices. Now, it’s the turn for Apple device owners, as the app is now available on iOS, Mac and as a plugin for Safari.

While there was a version for the iPhone before, the changes ushered in by iOS 8 have meant that the team can now integrate more of the core features for iOS devices. For example, the new Share extension means you no longer need to copy-and-paste a link into PushBullet to share it, you can just do it directly within the app you are using.

The update also brings support for the new features to the iPad, as well as bringing universal copy-and-paste to the Apple ecosystem – copying on one device makes the text or link available to paste directly from any of your other devices.


On the desktop side of things, the Mac app will happily mirror notifications from your other devices and allow you to move files about between them in just a few clicks. As an added bonus, your phone can connect to your laptop via Bluetooth, meaning that when you walk away from your computer, your notifications won’t keep being mirrored on your computer, adding a little extra privacy.


Rounding off the list of changes is a new Safari extension, which makes it simple to send links to your phone in a hurry.

➤ Announcing Pushbullet for iPad, Mac, and Safari [PushBullet | iPhone | Mac]

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