Tweetbot for Mac experiencing issues with new logins, is pulled from App Store


Tweetbot, the popular Twitter app for iOS and OS X, was pulled from the Mac App Store yesterday as users reported that it stopped allowing new logins, reports 9to5Mac.

It’s not clear whether the issue arose due to a glitch or because the app had reached its Twitter token limit. Todd Thomas, a developer at Tapbots, said that the latter is not likely.

Nearly a day after the initial report, the app still hasn’t returned to the Mac App Store. 9to5Mac says that Tweetbot ‘seems to be switching back and forth between accepting a few logins and returning an error message.’

We’ve contacted Tapbots for more details and will update this post when we hear back.

Twitter’s war on developers continues: Tweetbot for Mac falls victim to token limit, gets pulled from App Store [9to5Mac]

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