The BBC’s Your Story tool uses Facebook data to explore key news stories during your life

Your Story

As we reported earlier, the BBC has begun testing a range of new digital ventures on its Taster platform online. One of the more notable projects that you can play with is called Your Story, which links happenings in your life with major events from around the world, for an interesting look at your time on planet Earth.

Once you grant access to your Facebook account, Your Story will pull in info about your life and show you what else happened around the globe on important dates.

You’ll get to view a multimedia timeline with images and video, as well as links to  BBC coverage related to each event. The app is very nicely designed and presents some rather interesting facts.

Your Story

It turns out that when I was born, one of my favorite bands as a child, Pet Shop Boys, had a hit No. 1 single in the UK. And by the time I was 15, 12 new countries came into existence. You learn something new (and old) every day.

Your Story [BBC Taster]

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