Trunx aims to take on Apple, Dropbox with unlimited $5 photo storage

Trunx aims to take on Apple, Dropbox with unlimited $5 photo storage

Five years ago, you’d have been hard-pushed to find a wide range of personal cloud storage services. Now, they’re ten-a-penny, and that’s no bad thing – with increasing competition, prices for users fall.

Nonetheless, going up against Amazon, Apple, Dropbox and other big name companies is a pretty daunting challenge for any startup.


Trunx, a photo sharing and storage platform, is hoping to take on the incumbents by cutting at their margins.

While it was once offering free unlimited storage for all, the time has come for the business to try and monetize – a tricky balancing act to pull off for a formerly free product.



According to the new pricing structure, users can get up to 15GB free and if that isn’t enough, can spend $4.99 per month to get unlimited space. For comparison, Apple’s iCloud and Amazon give users 5B free, with paid-for tiers starting from around $10 per year for 20GB.

True to its launch promise, a spokesperson told TNW that users who signed up before today all get to keep the storage they have accrued for free, for life. If you want more though, you’ll need to start paying.

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