Starlike app reveals your friends’ favorites


Tired of your own social feeds? Wondering what your contacts are reading? AOL’s new app, Starlike, pulls all your contacts’ favorited tweets and liked items on Facebook and LinkedIn to give you a whole new stream of content to pore over.

Once you’ve signed in with your social account, you’ll get a stream of your contacts’ favorite posts. From there you can fave, like and share them as well as Starlike items to keep in the app to read later.

If you don’t like what you see from any user, simply tap their profile picture to mute their faved items. You can also toggle feeds on or off from any of your social accounts — great for when you just want to dive into content from your Facebook friends or only business-related posts on LinkedIn.

Starlike screens

As of now, it looks like your Starliked content will remain private, but the app does ask you to create a profile name — so there’s a chance that it might allow you to display those posts publicly too.

Starlike works well enough, and I found it to be interesting not only because it reveals content that you might not have seen already, but also because it’s content that your contacts care about.

For example, if you’re connected to professionals that you admire on LinkedIn, you can enrich your reading list by following the articles they like. And if you follow brands or media outlets on Twitter, you can get insights into how they work by following their favorited content.

Starlike is the latest product from AOL Alpha, a group that busies itself with experimental products within the company. It launched a one-tap notification-based messaging app called Pip last month.

Starlike is available free for iOS and Android devices.

Starlike [iOS/Android]

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