Mixmax takes sending email with Gmail to the next level

Mixmax takes sending email with Gmail to the next level

A new Chrome extension extends Gmail’s functionality in new ways, while still feeling like it’s an official Gmail feature.

Mixmax says it’ll make you work “faster and smarter” in Gmail by improving the tools available to you for sending email and organizing meetings.

With the Mixmax extension, you get a souped-up email compose window inside Gmail’s web interface that allows you to add interactive polls, meeting availability, slideshows, Q&A’s and more.

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Being able to take a quick poll or run a Q&A in your email sounds silly but can ultimately save you a bunch of emails back and forth around your team and is a fun way to get everyone’s opinions with little effort.

Meeting availability is a great way to avoid the awkward dance where you try to figure out a good time to meet up with someone; the organizer simply selects times during the week that they’re available and Mixmax makes meeting time suggestions in the email that can be directly clicked on by the recipient.

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My favorite Mixmax feature is link previews, which pull in a rich preview of any link you drop in, similar to how you’d expect on Facebook. Why isn’t this a native Gmail feature already?!

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It’s a gScreen Shot 2015-01-14 at 7.47.34 amreat way to extend your Gmail experience beyond just what Google offers and the tools work regardless of if your recipients are using the extension or not. When you opt-in to email tracking, Mixmax alerts you as soon as your email has been opened.

Using the new Gmail Oauth API, Mixmax securely authenticates with your inbox without ever seeing your password. The service is free to use with limits and starts at $19/month.

Mixmax is clearly targeted at businesses that want to improve productivity and reduce emails bouncing back and forth trying to organize simple meetings or to get feedback.

➤ Mixmax via Product Hunt

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