Gibbon launches iPhone app to help you learn on the go

Gibbon launches iPhone app to help you learn on the go

Gibbon, a startup based in the Netherlands that wants to help you master any skill, has today launched an iPhone app to help you learn skills on the go.

The company’s tagline is “playlists for learning” and it aims to help you collect tutorials and lessons from across the internet and put them in one coherent place, so you can learn a skill in an ordered fashion without needing to continually search for the next tutorial.

Gibbon’s site is well designed, easy to use and features lessons in everything from user experience design to the great mysteries of the world.

Users can curate custom collections on topics they’re experts in, so that other users can learn from their process. The company’s new iPhone app brings this learning experience to mobile, so that users can continue to learn away from the computer.


The mobile app keeps track of how many minutes you’re learning from every week and uses an approach similar to Netflix to encourage binge-learning; once you’ve finished an article, you can simply pull up to read the next one.

I’ll have to warn you, though: Gibbon makes learning addictive.

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