Microsoft launches a Windows Phone app for citizen journalists

Social News

Microsoft has just released a new app that lets Windows Phone users create and publish news stories on the move, reports Neowin.

Presently in beta, Social News allows users to create stories with photos and video, spot trending news items, and find current stories around them on a map in the Here and Now section. Users can also follow their contacts and see what they’ve been sharing in the app.

Social News’ app description mentions that users can also ‘respond to news requests created by professional media partners, and get a chance to get your articles published by professional media.’ However, there doesn’t seem to be a separate login for publishers or a way to make requests for stories as yet. We’ve contacted Microsoft for clarification on this, and will update the post when we hear back.

After the recent spate of terrorist attacks and civil protests around the globe, this app might well make a splash among younger users concerned with current affairs — but given Windows Phone’s miniscule market share, it will probably need to launch on iOS and Android to make a real impact.

Social News is available for free in the Windows Phone Store.

➤ Social News Beta [Windows Phone via Neowin]

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