brings language learning through foreign news articles to iOS brings language learning through foreign news articles to iOS

We wrote about, which uses a combination of a Chrome plugin and app to allow users to learn foreign words through reading real news articles, earlier this year when it launched on Android.

Now has made the leap to iOS. The new app includes an iOS 8 widget and adds support for 4 new languages – Italian, German, Dutch and Portuguese – along with French, Spanish , English, Arabic and Hebrew.

Using the app, you can read a news article in one of the supported languages, highlight a word you don’t understand and add it to the app’s Smart Dictionary which gives the translation and definition.

Unlike other language learning apps such as Duolingo and Memrise, doesn’t offer sets of lessons. Instead, you choose the words you want to learn as you go along. The app’s algorithm then identifies your language learning level.

The more words you add to your dictionary, the more articles the app will serve up to you in the Read section featuring them to help you improve your comprehension.’s iOS app is available for free now in the App Store. [iOS]

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