Leave virtual notes around the world with Space Tag for iOS

Space Tag

Israeli startup Shopcloud has just launched its latest app that lets users create digital notes with photos and leave them around the world for others to find.

It’s kind of like graffiti minus the vandalism. With Space Tag, users can snap a photo and add a note to create a post; they can then share it on social networks, or simply leave it on Space Tag universe for others to stumble upon when they visit the same location.

Space Tag Add post

Space Tag users can scan an area they’re visiting with a smartphone, and the app reveals virtual green dots that indicate all the posts in that location. Alternately, a map of the area uses pins to indicate where posts were left.

Space Tag tags

It’s an interesting idea, given that mobile users around the world have begun to warm up to ephemeral content with apps like SnapChat. Indian startup Nowfloats had built a similar product in 2012, before pivoting to launch a self-service website creation tool – the idea probably was ahead of its time.

We’ll have to wait and see if Space Tagging indeed catches on. The app is available now for free in the App Store.

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