Instagram’s latest major update adds 5 new filters, revamped design and real-time commenting

Instagram’s latest major update adds 5 new filters, revamped design and real-time commenting

Just when you thought you had enough filters, Instagram goes and adds more along with an updated design and a whole slew of other new and improved features.

Today the make-your-photos-look-better-than-they-are app for iOS and Android was updated with five new filters (Aden, Slumber, Crema, Ludwig and Perpetua), a new look for the filters area of the app, the ability to customize your filters tray, real-time commenting and support for uploading slow-motion video.

UI FiltersInstagram says the new filters take advantage of the higher quality images created by today’s smartphones while the original filters were there to help enhance the relatively low-quality images produced by those phones back when Instagram launched. These new filters soften and add a subtle color shift to photographs.

The new filter tray design icons now show a tiny blurred preview of your image to help you quickly find a the color and tone you’re seeking. You still tap on the filter to see how it will look on your photo in full resolution.

A really nice update to the filter tray is the ability to customize the order of the filters. If you use the same three filters over and over again, you can move them to the front of the line instead of having to swipe through the growing number of filters available.


Two other new features round out today’s update: The ability to upload slow-motion videos is now supported. Plus, photo comments now update in real time. No need to refresh to see new updates.

It looks like Instagram is seeing more robust conversations around photos and is trying to lower the barrier in making those happen in real time instead of waiting then pulling down to refresh.

The apps are available today so get ready for your feeds to be filled with the warming tones of Crema.

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