Smart iOS address book app Humin launches on Android and in 10 new countries

Smart iOS address book app Humin launches on Android and in 10 new countries

Smart address book startup Humin has a big day today. It’s overhauled its iOS app, launched in open beta for Android and expanded availability from just the US to serve Canada and nine European countries.

To recap, Humin aims to be a more ‘human’ way of managing your contacts. Rather than relying on you remembering everyone’s names, it allows you to look people up by their employer, their home (or current) city, where you met them and other connections that your brain may naturally make.

Now the iOS app has a sharper look; a full history of recent calls, texts, emails, voicemails, and calendar meetings with each of your contacts directly in their profile; improved search so you can, for example, look up everyone you emailed or received a voicemail from last week.


Also, the ‘verify’ feature, that allows users to request up-to-date contact information from people they know, has been reworked. The initial implementation was considered spammy and a little hard to fathom by early users. Now it explains the process (which involves the app sending emails to contacts) in a lot more detail, and those who receive verification requests get a lot more information about why they received the email and what’s being asked of them.

Finally, those who like to keep their lives out of the clutches of the big blue social network will be pleased to see that Facebook sign-in is now optional.


The new Android version of the app is visually tailored to Google’s OS, rather than being a straight port of the iOS version. Combined with today’s roll-out in the UK, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Leichtenstein and Luxembourg, today’s Android beta release has massively expanded Humin’s potential user base.

The San Francisco-based startup has partnered with European carriers including Vodafone, BT, T-Mobile, Three, Telus, Rogers, Bell, Orange and Swisscom in order to support voicemail integration. A marketing agreement with Deutsche Telekom, meanwhile, will see the large German carrier promote Humin to its customers.

Humin really can enhance your contacts management if you use it in place of your default dialer app, so it’s definitely worth trying out if you couldn’t do so previously.

Humin [iOS / Android]

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