launches iOS app to help you find music across streaming services launches iOS app to help you find music across streaming services, the music streaming app that pulls from multiple streaming services so you can listen to any track has today unveiled its new iOS app so you can listen on the go.

The big selling point of is that it makes music “shareable again” by letting users share music on its service no matter where they are in the globe. When you share a track, it uses whatever service is available to get it playing for the end user.


Bop’s new iPhone app brings that experience to mobile and sources tracks from services like Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube so users can get high quality tracks on iOS without having to jump between services.

The app particularly shines when you run into artists like Taylor Swift who have pulled their music from Spotify. Bop can get many of her tracks despite this, because it taps into many sources. This also works well for those in regions outside the US where music availability can often be patchy at best.

The new iPhone app also comes with artist-curated playlists, which are created by artists like Tiesto and Lil Wayne for users to enjoy. [iOS]

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