Pip lets you send preset messages with just a tap


How do you get a message across to someone if you don’t feel like talking or typing? A new app called Pip lets you send notifications to your contacts who also use the app, just by tapping on a preset message. So yeah, it’s kind of like Yo on (mild) steroids.

Reports TechCrunch, Pip is being developed by a 20-member team at Aol Alpha, an internal lab of sorts where the parent company fosters innovation, seen here in the form of a mobile-first messaging app.

Users can select a contact from their list of fellow Pip users and send a quick text just by tapping on available messages like “Call me,” “I’m running late” (with preset time intervals), “Did you do that thing?,” “Where are you?” Recipients have a bunch of corresponding responses they can reply with just as easily.

The team is considering offering custom message packages in the future (for use with colleagues and significant others, for example), similar to how mobile messaging apps like Line and WeChat offer stickers.

Pip could make a lot of sense for use on wearables like smartwatches, which feature small screens and aren’t conducive to typing. It might be interesting to see if Pip catches on, especially with Yo dominating the notification messaging niche it created.

Pip is available for free on Android and iOS devices in the US now.

➤ Pip [Android/iOS] (via TechCrunch)



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