Braintree goes international with One Touch mobile payments


Mobile payment platform Braintree has begun rolling out its One Touch payment experience in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the UK today.

Having launched its single touch payment system on Android and iOS platforms in the US in September, the company intends to soon reach all 43 markets that it serves, beginning with the aforementioned countries.

Braintree’s service connects with PayPal and allows users to securely pay for products and services on a range of apps with a single tap, negating the need to log in for each and every transaction.

One Touch already runs on, ParkWhiz, StubHub, Type Tees by Threadless and YPlan in the US. In Europe, companies like Cabonline in Sweden, JustPark in the UK and Polagram in France are planning to integrate the service, as Braintree claims it’s faster and safer for mobile shoppers, and helps to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Braintree first made its One Touch feature available to developers in August, and the company says it can now be integrated into merchant apps in 10 minutes.

➤ One Touch [Braintree]

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