Typed for OS X helps you focus on your writing task

Typed for OS X helps you focus on your writing task

Sometimes it can be hard to get into the zone for writing; basically everything that can distract you, will distract you. There’s plenty of ways to get motivated to write, but what about a tool that can help you along the way?

Typed is a dead-simple app for OS X that makes it easier to get your writing project done. The app is incredibly basic, but comes with a few features that aim to help you focus.

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At its heart, Typed is basically a bare-bones markdown editor. There aren’t many flourishes or options outside of the ability to change the editor’s color or font style, but the premise of removing distractions is a feature in itself.

Zen mode, which throws you into full screen, encourages you to write by pushing all distractions out of the way. It also kicks off an almost meditational track to help you focus amongst background noise. There are six of these tracks to choose from, with everything from rain on the roof to a simple guitar picking softly.

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I thought this was a little tacky at first, but it actually comes in handy and is quite relaxing. Why have iTunes open to get Zen music when your text editor can do it for you?

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Typed is available for purchase for $20, although it is incredibly similar to Byword for Mac which comes in at just $10, minus the ‘zen’ feature.

To me, Typed seems a little expensive when compared to Byword (which also features direct blog publishing), however some may prefer Typed’s basic feature set and Zen mode.

If you’re looking for something simple to help you focus on just writing, Typed is a great option for getting things done.

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