Emojimo keyboard for iOS translates your text into emoji as you type

Emojimo keyboard for iOS translates your text into emoji as you type

There seems to be a never-ending river of interesting iOS keyboards lately, and Emojimo is yet another interesting new take on typing.

Emojimo is a free iOS keyboard that translates text you type in real-time to the relevant emoji. It’s like autocorrect for when you’d prefer emoji instead of words.


You can either type in real-time and have emoji’s auto replaced, or use a normal keyboard and just hit emoji’s giant poop button to go back and translate what’s already been typed.


Those movies and songs that were recreated meticulously in emoji previously would be so much easier with this.

There’s never enough emoji in life, right? Emojimo can be a little overzealous with its corrections occasionally, but it can be pretty fun trying to figure out exactly what your friends are saying in their emojfied messages.

If you’re not so into the real time translation, there’s an alternative keyboard called Emojiyo that offers subtle suggestions instead of replacements as you type.

Emojimo Keyboard [iOS App Store] via Product Hunt

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