Rinbw puts a video spin on your phone’s contacts

Rinbw puts a video spin on your phone’s contacts

Everyone hates dealing with contacts, so why not add video so you can see what’s up? Someone actually had that thought and Rinbw was born.

Rinbw is a new app for iOS that the company touts as a video phonebook that lets your “closest friends know what’s up” so you don’t have to worry about texting or calling them.

It’s as simple as making a five second video of yourself or whatever you’re doing right now and uploading it to the service. If your friends are using Rinbw, they’ll see your video whenever they go to your contact. Once you’re on a friend’s video you can call or text them from there or double tap the photo to send a “fruit” to them, which is apparently code for liking their video.


The creator of Rinbow, Itay Adam, said that Rinbw isn’t intended to be a social network. Instead, it’s oriented around your closest group of friends so you can quickly find out what’s up. You might remember Itay Adam as the guy who raised $2 Million for “nothing.”

According to the company, Rinbw “is designed to allow users to share those trivial ‘nothing’ moments of their lives with those closest to them, to share the otherwise unshareable.” So it’s a much tamer version of Snapchat.

Rinbw’s premise is a fun idea, though the idea of constantly updating a video ‘status’ exhausted me.

Rinbow is free on the App Store, today.

Rinbow [iOS]

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