Show off your icons with #Homescreen for iOS

Show off your icons with #Homescreen for iOS

People love to show off their home screens periodically — like during #homescreen2014 earlier this year — and now there’s an app for that.

A new app called #Homescreen from Betaworks takes a screenshot of your iPhone’s home screen, scans it and then creates an interactive image for sharing online. Once the image is analyzed, you get a special link for sharing that interactive image on Twitter.


Here’s what my home screen looks like; you’re able to mouse over each app to find out more about what it does and get a download link. It’s not perfect, with a few apps failing to be recognized properly, but is a fun way to share your favorite apps with friends.

Homescreen is available now for free.

Show us your home screens for 2014!

#Homescreen [iOS App Store]

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