Disco Fingers: cartoon-style iPad music making for Garage Band haters

Disco Fingers: cartoon-style iPad music making for Garage Band haters

Disco Fingers sounds like the name of a club drug invented by Chris Morris but is, in fact, a new music creation app  for iPad that makes composing tunes cartoonishly simple.

The three-person Norwegian startup behind Disco Fingers spent a year testing out different ways of simply composing tunes. Their solution lets you put together songs by placing dancing creatures on a 2D grid.

Make a beat

Hit play and the grooving little fellas are turned into beats. Different characters represent different instruments and you have the option of recording your own voice with various effects filters.

While the app is free, a $4.69 (£2.99) in-app purchase unlocks extra instruments, vocal filters and the ability to export your compositions as ringtones.

Once you’ve finished your tune, you can share it via Disco Fingers’ internal radio channel so other app users can check it out or send it further afield via message, Twitter, Facebook and email.

Share beats

Having played with Disco Fingers for a day or so, I can confirm that it’s definitely easy to compose a pleasing tune. Even with the premium features, it is quite limited but certainly fun to play with. If you’re baffled by Garage Band, you’ll love this app.

You can hear a little ditty the developers’ composed in honour of The Next Web’s Editor-in-Chief Martin ‘Star Fighter Pilot’ Bryant in the video below.

The developers have been writing a diary about their journey to develop the app and will be keeping it updated as they try to hit their goal of hitting $15,000 in monthly revenue in 100 days.

Disco Fingers [iTunes]

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