Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post launches tablet app free for Amazon Fire owners

Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post launches tablet app free for Amazon Fire owners

The Washington Post, which was acquired by Amazon boss Jeff Bezos in August 2013, has launched a new Android tablet app and, surprise, surprise, it’s starting off as an Amazon Fire exclusive.

Amazon Fire owners will get access to The Washington Post app as part of an over-the-air update. It’ll offer free, unlimited access to the paper’s customised tablet content for six months with no subscription required.

Perhaps conscious of the Twitter storm over Apple forcing U2 albums on iTunes customers, Amazon is careful to note that customers who don’t want the app can just delete it.

The Washington Post app will publish two app editions at 5.00am and 5.00pm Eastern Time with breaking news and updates added throughout the day. As you’d expect from an app designed for tablets, there’s a big focus on images and swiping moves you from story to story.

The new app will be made available on other Android devices and, presumably, iOS in 2015. The Washington Post’s previous Android app is already compatible with tablets.

The Washington Post app [Amazon App Store]

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