Aviary’s Photo Editor app gets its first update under Adobe — and it’s worth up to $200

Aviary’s Photo Editor app gets its first update under Adobe — and it’s worth up to $200 ...

When Aviary, the all-purpose mobile photo editor teamed up with Adobe, it seemed only a matter of time before the words Creative Cloud became part of its vocabulary. And now, the first Aviary update under Adobe — released for both iOS and Android — lets users sync with Creative Cloud to consolidate, use and preserve their image editing tools across devices and platforms.

While a great percentage of users just downloaded the free version of the app without bothering with purchase extras, that strategy may not serve you well right now. Until the end of November, Aviary is offering some $200 worth of stickers, effects and more free of charge when you sign into Aviary via an Adobe ID.

You do not have to be a dues-paying member of Creative Cloud to have an Adobe ID or to trick up your Aviary app with tons of interesting new stuff. There is a free level of the Creative Cloud service that you can use for this and other purposes.


Here’s what you get: New photo effects and tools, such as vignettes, stencil overlays, and shadow and highlight adjustments.

Overlays let you place stencils over your photos for creative effects, and Aviary promises more overlay madness in the future. Aviary’s vignette tool simplifies placing a dark or light vignette on your photo complete with custom sizes, shapes and intensities.

New photo adjustments include slider-based highlights, shadows, tint and fade to manipulate photos for a custom look. On iOS, the Draw Brush tool features new technology that makes drawing on photos a more natural and lifelike experience.

Aviary [iOS and Android]

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