Smule’s karaoke app update now lets you make music videos with friends

Smule’s karaoke app update now lets you make music videos with friends

Smule Sing

Karaoke is experiencing a rise in popularity. As a society, we’ve seen that singing in public, both on TV and YouTube, isn’t as weird as our parents led us to believe. In fact, it could lead to to fame and riches. Smule’s karaoke app Sing has been rising along in parallel with society’s sing-along craze and now, you can add videos of your rocking performance.

iPhone5 Singing app SmuleUpdated today, the Sing app not only brings video, it does so in a way that fits seamlessly in to the app’s current social features.

Now when you perform a duet, after you’ve sung your portion, the app and Smule’s backend edit the finished video for you to share or download. The edits are seamless and are nicer than just having a split screen video of two people.

Currently there are only swipe transitions for duet videos but Smule tells me that more transitions are on their way. Fingers crossed for a star wipe transition.

If you’re concerned about the quality of your voice, there are various filters you can add including Pop Star, Indie, Grunge and Double You to “sweeten” your vocals. Just because you want to sing doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use technology to make yourself sound just a little bit better.

The app is free for iOS with in-app purchases that give you access to more songs and voice filters. There is a plan for an Android version of the app.

Sing! [iOS]

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