Deadline for iPhone taps HealthKit to predict when you’re going to die

Deadline for iPhone taps HealthKit to predict when you’re going to die

If you need a stark reminder of your mortality as Day of the Dead approaches, the new Deadline app for iOS will do the trick. The $0.99 app combines the new HealthKit SDK from iOS 8 with a bit of personal information in order to estimate how much time you have left in life.

This is basically the quantified self version of The Death Clock. Of course, Deadline can’t promise accuracy, but developer Alaric Cole, who also created the Fitly app for tracking your steps, told me he used algorithms similar to the ones insurance companies use to generate the estimate. If you make any changes to your lifestyle and measurements, you can recalculate the figure at anytime.

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The extra morbid among you can enable the countdown clock as a widget in the Today section of your notifications. I’m thinking of leaving it in the tray as a reminder to make every day count. You could even use it as a sort of gamified tracker for your overall fitness.

As per Apple’s HealthKit guidelines, Deadline doesn’t store your personal data, so you don’t have to worry about hackers digging up the timing of your impending doom.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go hug my family and go for a run.

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