Charlie connects to your Google Calendar to prep you for meetings

Charlie connects to your Google Calendar to prep you for meetings

If you’re OK with the idea of letting yet another service access your Google Calendar information and are frequently finding yourself walking into meetings with new people without knowing what they actually do, then Charlie might be worth checking out.

Chicago-based Charlie’s task is simple: to give you a single page of information about anyone you’re meeting an hour ahead of your scheduled rendez-vous.

It achieves this by sifting through social data from places like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google News and more (“100,000’s of sources”) to identify topics of conversation, and to work out what that person really cares about most. All of this just by linking your Google Calendar. It’s also free, for now at least.


In addition to allowing automatic one-page summaries to be sent, users can also manually request a report based on a person’s name and email address.

Alongside its public launch today, Charlie also announced that it has closed a seed round of $1.75 million, which will be used to improve the algorithm and integrate more data sources.

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