Just Add Audio: A simple iPhone app that brings royalty-free music to your home videos

Just Add Audio: A simple iPhone app that brings royalty-free music to your home videos

VideoBlocks, an online provider of stock media for creatives, has today launched its first consumer-focused mobile app.

Though VideoBlocks largely focuses on stock video (as its name suggests), with Just Add Audio for iPhone, the company is looking to make adding royalty-free music to your home videos and slideshows a cinch, courtesy of its audio-focused off-shoot AudioBlocks.

How it works

Once you’ve created an account, you select your videos or photos from your camera roll, and then hit ‘Choose Audio’.


You then select from a list of ‘moods’, which lets you drill down into sounds such as ‘Fun Guitar and Ukulele Full’ or ‘Free as a Bird’. Hit ‘Save and Share’, and you’re good to go.


There are more than 1,200 songs spread across eight moods. And because VideoBlocks owns the content, the songs are free to use through the app.

Videos can either be shared as links across all the usual social channels, including Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, whereby recipients can view the creation stored on VideoBlock’s servers. Or you can upload directly to YouTube or save it to your camera roll as an mp4, which can then be exported to any third-party cloud service.

There are no powerful editing tools or anything in Just Add Audio – if you’re looking to create beautiful home videos with titles and effects of your choosing, then look elsewhere. But if all you want is to create simple skits with a musical backdrop, while circumventing the copyright barrier, then it’s worth your time.

Just Add Audio is available to download for free now.

➤ Just Add Audio [App Store]

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